Practice P&G Online Assessment

Practice P&G Online Assessment

Are you applying for a position at P&G? The selection process is quite competitive. Over a million candidates apply yearly and only 1% of them get hired. One of the first steps in the recruitment process is the P&G interactive assessment. We are here to walk you through what to expect on the test and provide you free P&G assessment practice test questions. 

What Is the P&G Assessment Test?

The Proctor and Gamble online assessment formerly known as the P&G reasoning test is a screening assessment given by those interviewing for a job at Procter and Gamble. After submitting your application if you are deemed a potential candidate you will be sent a link for the exam to take at home. Depending on the position that you are applying for you may be asked to take the Interactive Assessment or the PEAK Performance Assessment.

What Is the P&G Interactive Assessment?

This P&G online test consists of three assessments to be completely independently from your home. 

Assessment 1: Digit Challenge

This assessment should take about 6 minutes. You will see a timer and time bar which will automatically appear when the first activity shows up on the screen. In this activity, you will need to fill in the gaps of an equation. You will use the number 1-9 only once to fill in the gaps in order to make the equation correct. Remember to follow the rules of order of operations; multiplication, then division, then addition, then subtraction should be calculated first. Your speed and accuracy will be taken into account.

FREE P&G Assessment Test Practice Question 1:

FREE P&G Assessment Test Practice Question 1 + Answer

There are a number of different number combinations that can be used. Keep in mind the rules of operation and drag the digits into the empty space. As division comes first, choose two numbers easily divisible e.g 4 / 2 = 2. Then you tackle the addition, 3 + 2 = 5. As you progress you will see a level number next to the time bar.

Assessment 2: Switch Challenge

This assessment will also take about 6 minutes to complete. You will see a timer on the time bar which will tell you how time you have left and what level you are on. This section measures your logical ability skills. In this section there is always one correct answer. For this assessment you will see four tiles with shapes in them. They will travel through a "branch" or what appears to be a tube and another set of four tiles will appear on the bottom. It is your job to find the logical rule, or in this case which branch, changed the order of the tiles. Each branch has a series of 4 numbers which represent the order of the tiles below the tube. 

FREE P&G Assessment Test Practice Question 2: 

FREE P&G Assessment Test Practice Question: Switch Challenge
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The correct branch is 3241. This is the accurate order of the symbols on the bottom after they went through the tube. The order of the symbols is the cross, the third on the top. Then the triangle, the second on the top. Followed by the circle, the fourth symbol on the top. Last is the square, the first symbol on the top.

Assessment 3: Grid Challenge

This assessment will take about 12 minutes to complete. It is made up of three rounds with multiple levels which each take about 4 minutes to finish. This assessment will switch between testing your memory, and spatial reasoning skills. You will be presented with a dot which will light up one at a time. Then it will switch to a spatial orientation task. Then it will switch back to another dot. This might repeat between 2-5 times. At the end you will be  asked a question requiring you to recall the location and sequence of the dots.

FREE P&G Assessment Test Practice Question 3:

This Assessment is broken down into three rounds of spatial orientation questions interspersed with memory questions.

Memory Challenge Example

This type of image will appear between 2-5 times before the question about the dot sequence  will be asked:

FREE P&G Assessment Test Practice Question: Memory Challenge
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INSIDE TIP: Focus on memory tasks and don't get too distracted by the easier spatial reasoning tasks. You will be scored on how many and how accurately you complete the questions during the time limit.

First Round Spatial Task

FREE P&G Assessment Test Practice Question: First Spatial Round Task
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NO. You need to decide if the right side of the image is a mirror image of the left side. In this case we can see that the right side does not mirror the left.

Second Round Spatial Task

FREE P&G Assessment Test Practice Question: Second Round Spatial Task
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YES. In this section you need to decide if the right box is rotated and mirrored. In this case the right box is the same as the left but rotated.

Third Round Task

FREE P&G Assessment Test Practice Question: Third Round Task
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YES. You can see the  top left and the top right when combined equal to the box on the bottom.

Note that some questions will also ask you to subtract (-) the portions in the right box from the portions in the left box, as opposed to adding them (+).

Get more FREE P&G Assessment Test questions.

What Is the PEAK Performance Assessment?

Some candidates applying to Proctor and Gamble will be asked to take a PEAK Performance Assessment, formerly known as the P&G Success Drivers Assessment. This test is a situational judgement test, it gives P&G a glimpse into whether your background, experiences, and interests will be compatible with the position you are applying to. The test has four different sections, and there is no time limit. That being said, most applicants finish the assessment within 20 minutes. You will be sent a link to the assessment in an email, and you should be prepared to finish it in one sitting.

FREE P&G Assessment Test Practice Question 4

Multiple Choice question: You will be presented a scenario and given four potential choices on how you would react.

FREE P&G Assessment Test Practice Question: Multiple Choice Questions
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INSIDE TIP: When answering the questions keep in mind the position you are applying for. Make sure you answer each question with your work position in mind. If you are applying for a sales position, you would most likely answer introduce yourself to others. Creating new leads and being personable are character traits which are very important in sales.

FREE P&G Assessment Test Practice Question 5

Rating Questions: Rating questions will ask you to answer questions based on a scale ranging from very untrue to very true.

FREE P&G Assessment Test Practice Question: Rating Questions
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Practice for your P&G Online Assessment. Learn more about what competencies are expected for each position.

INSIDE TIP: before taking the PEAK assessment read about Proctor & Gambles PEAK Performance Factors, also called P&G's integrity-driven PVP or Purpose, Values, and Principles. P&G expects it's candidates to "lead with courage; innovate for growth; champion productivity; execute with excellence; Bring out our best." 

How Can I Prepare for the P&G Online Assessment?

Only those who succeed on the P&G online assessment will get invited for an interview. P&G is an amazing company with great opportunities for growth. They value the online assessment as a way to test your skills that don't come out from a typical interview. The P&G online test has a series of complicated questions that you are not typically used to answering. Especially the memory task, those require quite a bit of repetition to get used to that style of question. If you show up to the test without preparing, you might feel railroaded. You will watch the time speed by while you get used to the questions. We recommend getting some practice before the test. Check out this P&G Online Assessment practice test preparation pack three practice tests, study guides, and tips. 

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