Amazon Assessment Test

Amazon Assessment Test

Amazon is currently hiring 33,000 new positions. With one million employees and industry leading pay, it is not easy to land a job at Amazon. Amazon is one of the companies who has seen its market expand from the Corona pandemic. Landing a job with Amazon is a unique opportunity to find a stable position with upward mobility during this difficult time. Like most competitive companies Amazon uses the Amazon Assessment Test to help sift out quality candidates. We are going to walk you through everything you need to know about the Amazon Assessment.

What Is the Amazon Assessment Test?

Amazon is focused on hiring quality candidates that are a great fit for the position. Amazon uses online assessments to get a picture of whether you have the skills needed for the job. Depending on the job you are applying for you can expect to take the Amazon Assessment Test either during the recruitment process or online after you submit your application. There are two main assessments which are given across many different positions: the; Amazon Work Style Assessment and the Virtual Job Tryout. That being said there are certain positions that have their own combination of Assessments.

What Is the Amazon Work Style Assessment?

The Amazon Work Style assessment is a personality test. The point of the assessment is for Amazon to see if a candidate has the personality traits needed to excel in the position and match Amazon's corporate culture. It is usually the last assessment given to candidates applying for most positions in the Amazon online assessment. The Amazon's Work Style Assessment has 38 questions to be completed without a time limit. That being said, it takes most candidates about 15 minutes to complete. You will be presented with various statements and you will be required to indicate whether you agree or disagree along a five point scale.

Take a Practice Amazon Work Style Assessment.

What Is the Amazon Virtual Job Tryout?

The Virtual Job Tryout is about 45 minutes long and requires a calculator, writing utensil, and paper. In this assessment you will face five different sections:

  1. Work Scenarios: This section is a Situational Judgment Test in which you are provided with typical work related scenarios and you will need to choose the best response from four options.
  2. Manage Your Day: This section includes a prioritization task. You will need to organize and prioritize a set of activities according to how urgent and important they are. 
  3. Run Your Area: This section will require you to answer professional questions based on a data driven report.
  4. Tell Us Your Story: This section will give you an opportunity to describe your background and work history.
  5. Describe your Approach: This section will measure your personality. You will be given a set of questions and asked which is "most like you."

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What Are the Different Amazon Assessment Tests?

Here is a table with some of the different assessments you might face for various positions:

Amazon Assessment TestPosition
Amazon Maintenance Technician TestControl Systems Technician, Facility Technician, and RME Technician
Amazon Manager AssessmentArea Manager, Operations Manager, Tier 3, Amazon MBA roles
Amazon Financial Analyst Excel TestFinancial Analyst, Financial Rotational Program, FLDP
Amazon Customer Service Associate Online TestCustomer Service Associate
Amazon Assessment Test for WarehouseWarehouse and Fulfillment
Amazon Brand Specialist AssessmentBrand Specialist
Amazon Retail AssessmentRetail Undergraduate Program

Amazon Maintenance Technician Test

For those applying to maintenance technician positions at Amazon you will be required to take the Amazon Ramsay Test. This test has about 60-75 mechanical questions which cover the following topics; energy, electrical circuits, currents, voltages, force, motion and more. Since this test covers specific content areas we advise that you study in advance. To learn more about Amazon Maintenance Technician Test check out our page on the topic!

Take an Amazon Ramsay Practice Test.

Amazon Manager Assessment

The Amazon Manager Assessment is a bundle of two back to back tests given to those applying for managerial positions. The candidates will take the Amazon Work Style Assessment and the Amazon Virtual Job Tryout. Both tests should take about 45 minutes to complete. When applying to a management position it is important to keep in mind Amazon's 14 leadership principles. Learn more about the Amazon Work Style Assessment and Virtual Job Tryout on our Amazon Manager Assessment page

Take an Amazon Management Assessment Practice Work Style Assessment and Virtual Job Tryout Practice Test.

Amazon Financial Analyst Excel Test

If you are applying for a financial analyst position at Amazon you will need to take an Excel test and answer behavioral situation based questions on the interview. The Financial Analyst Excel Test is a one hour computer based exam. The Amazon Excel test covers various Excel questions covering the following topics; formulas, computing, macro creation, and document properties. If you excel on this exam you will be invited for an in person interview which will require you to complete case study questions. These questions will ask you to work through work related conflicts and explain your thought process. 

Take a practice Amazon Excel Test for financial analysts.

Amazon Customer Service Associate Online Assessment

As a customer service associate for Amazon your job will be to solve the customer's problems. Amazon wants to make sure you have the right personality profile to handle this customer facing job. As part of the recruitment process you will be required to take the Amazon Work Style Assessment and the Virtual Job Tryout.

Take a Practice Amazon Customer Service Associate Online Assessment.

Amazon Assessment Test for Warehouse

The Amazon Warehouse Assessment Test measures whether an applicant can pick the correct product for packaging. They will be required to read and understand what is on the packaging. Applicants will also be given a Situational Judgement Test where they will be required to make decisions about potential situations that might arise in the warehouse. As a result of an increase in purchases due to the Corona Pandemic Amazon has opened thousands of job positions in their warehouse and fulfillment centers all over the United States.

Take a Practice Test for the Amazon Assessment Test for Warehouse Workers.

Amazon Brand Specialist Assessment

The Brand Specialist position is very popular amongst new graduates. It is a two part assessment which is made up of the; Amazon Data Interpretation Assessment, and the Amazon Work Style Assessment (Personality Test).

Take a Practice Amazon Brand Specialist Assessment.

Amazon Retail Assessment

If you have applied for the retail undergraduate program you will be expected to take the Amazon retail assessment test. The Amazon Retail Assessment is an online test covering two sections: a Math-Based Test, and the Amazon Work Style Assessment (Personality Test). If you pass these online tests, you will be called in for an interview day. This interview includes a group project, the Amazon Excel assessment, and two interviews.

Take a Practice Amazon Retail Assessment.

How Can I Prepare for the Amazon Assessment Test?

Knowing is half the battle. That is why we have given you a rundown of what to expect on the various different Amazon Assessment Tests. Each position has different requirements. So, make sure you prepare accordingly for the job you are applying for. There are thousands of candidates who apply to positions at Amazon and simply don't make the cut. Ensure you are not one of them and start practicing.

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