Klarna Logic Practice Test

Klarna Logic Test

With hundreds of job openings across a wide range of locations Klarna has become a world leading fintech employer. Klarna provides their employees with on-the-job training, pension and retirement contributions, parental support, catered breakfasts, and health and wellness subsidies. There are lots of perks for wanting a position at Klarna making the recruitment process extremely competitive. Every applicant applying for a position must take a Logic Test from Klarna. This is a simple way for them to identify strong candidates from step one. We will walk you through what to expect on the Klarna Logic Test, application process, and provide sample Klarna Logic Test Questions and Answers.

Who Is Klarna?

Klarna is a company which was originally founded in Stockholm, Sweden and is now one of Europe's largest private fintech firms. They offer products and services within payments, social shopping, and personal finances servicing more than 85 million consumers in 17 different markets. Klarna currently has 2,700 employees working across Europe, the US, and Australia.

What Is the Klarna Logical Reasoning Test?

The Klarna Logic Test is put out by the Kattis company and is also commonly referred to as the Klarna Kattis test. The Klarna Test is a logical thinking test used to evaluate a candidate's ability to understand information, make quick judgements, and pay attention to details. The test has 18 questions to be completed in 15 minutes. This means that you can't spend too long on any one question. All of the questions will ask you to follow a logical sequence when presented with a pattern of shapes and figures. You will be asked what is the figure which comes "next in series."

The Klarna Online Test is given to all candidates applying for any position within Klarna. It is given immediately to candidates who have an attractive application. If you don't excel on the Klarna Logical Thinking Test you won't proceed with the rest of the hiring process.

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What Types of Questions Will You See on the Klarna Logical Reasoning Test?

The Kattis Logical thinking Test focuses on five different sequence and shape movement questions; rotation, encirclement, growing or diminishing in motion, snake, and merging and dividing. Mastering these different movement patterns will help you efficiently determine which figure should come next. In a rotation question the figures or shapes will rotate or switch in either a clockwise or counter clockwise pattern. In an encirclement question the shape or figure will exist both at the front and the end, encircling the pattern. A growth or diminishing in motion question will include shapes that either grow or diminish in size. A snake question will have the figures wrap around throughout the frame. In a merging and dividing question the shapes that merge become white and those that divide go back to black. The best way to further understand this is to take a look at these Klarna Kattis Sample Questions.

Klarna Logic Test Practice Questions and Answers

Klarna Test Question 1

Klarna Logic Test Practice Questions Sample
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Answer + explanation

The answer is D or the fourth figure.

Let's take a closer look at this series. Each figure shows you squares composed of small grey and black squares growing in a diagonal motion. This would be considered a growth in motion question. The colored squares start from the top-left and go downwards diagonally. As the final diagonal line of squares is gray, the next diagonal row will be black. If we follow this diagonal pattern and color scheme the next figure will be the fourth one or answer D.

Klarna Test Question 2

Klarna Logic Test Practice Questions and Answers Samle
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Answer + explanation

The correct answer is figure 2 or B.

Klarna Logic Test Practice Questions and Answers with Explanations

This would be considered a rotation question. You can see that the black diamonds are rotating 90 degrees. If you continue the rotation the next frame would be answer B.

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Klarna Application Process

Find an Open Position

Look for an open position that you feel matches your qualifications. Klarna's recruitment process is a bit unique in this sense. Rather than applying to a specific job with a set description, candidates apply for an open "pipeline". A "pipeline" is a considered general profile of a potential candidate that could be well suited for a variety of teams across various domains. There are 14 domains within Klarna with several pipelines within each domain.

Submit an Application

You can submit an application online. Make sure you have all your personal and professional information handy. Inside tip, if you know someone who works at Klarna submit your application through them. This will increase your chances of landing an interview.

First Klarna Logic Test

All applicants will need to take the Klarna Kattis Test. After sending in your application you will receive a link to take an online Klarna Test. The point of the test is to give Klarna an idea of your logical thinking skills including; your ability to analyse new information and problem solve. ONLY if you excel on this Kattis Logic Test will a hiring manager get in touch to schedule an interview. Inside tip, don't try to wing it on the fast paced Klarna Logical Test.

Pre-Screen Interview

If you pass the Kattis Logic Test, a recruiter will get in touch for the first interview. This is Klarna's chance to get a feel for who you are and see which "pipeline" would be best for you. Expect questions regarding your past work experience and your career goals. Inside tip, This is a great time to ask questions about Klarna and how they operate. This will help make sure there is a good match between the candidate and the company.

Second Klarna Logic Test

If that interview goes well, a member of the hiring team will follow up with a second supervised Klarna Logic Test which will take place during a virtual meeting. This will be exactly the same format as the first Kattis Logical Test. It is given to ensure the accuracy of the assessment. Inside tip, to ensure you show consistency look at Klarna Kattis Test Examples in advance. It is not enough to excel on the test once. Klarna is looking for candidates who can show stability in their performance.

First-round Interview

If you excel on the second Kattis Test you will be invited for your first round of interviews. You will immediately be scheduled for a series of interviews. Depending on the role you apply for you might face a skills test. For example, if you are applying for an engineering role, you might face a coding test. The first round of interviews will focus on the skills required for the role you are applying for. Be prepared to share your view on several organizational topics. The recruiting team is looking for you to show examples where you demonstrated values and behaviors that align with Klarna's values.

Inside tip
Review the Klarna leadership principles in advance to improve your chances of having a great interview.

Second Round Interview

If you make it to this step, you will usually know which team at Klarna you will be part of. Therefore, your second round of interviews will dive into your skill set and understanding of Klarna. During the second round interviews, you will get to learn more about the team you will be working with and how your role will contribute to the team.

Job Offer

If all goes well, you will get to meet your future team. Then you will discuss the technicalities of the position including; start date, salary, potential relocation packages.

Come prepared for the Logical Reasoning Test at Klarna. Take a look at this Practice Klarna Online Test.

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