Crossover Hiring Process + CCAT Test

Crossover Hiring Process

Are you looking for remote work with a high salary and long term potential? Crossover also known as Crossover for Work is the company for you. Crossover offers only remote work opportunities for quality candidates. In the current job market this is a great opportunity for work from home. They believe in testing each applicant extensively, they only hire the best of the best. Let's learn more about the rigorous hiring process.

What Is Crossover?

Crossover is a company which matches high quality talent with vetted Fortune 1000 companies. They focus on 100% remote work with high paying salaries. They invest in their applicants and provide them long term opportunities. Depending on the role they even enroll you in a paid 30-day Remote University training program. What makes Crossover unique is their competitive qualification process. 

Crossover Hiring Process

Step 1: Initial Resume Screen

You will submit an application. As this is a remote position the qualification process will be done remotely. Find the job that best fits your qualifications. Someone will review your resume and If you are deemed a good fit you will face a five step assessment.

Crossover Hiring Process Steps

Step 2: Five Part Online Assessment

You should set aside between 4-6 hours for their lengthy five part online assessment.

Basic Fit Questions (BFQ)

In this step you will be asked some background questions to see if your passed experience fits the job position. This is a general screener, so you don't need to be prepared with technical questions yet.

Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test - CCAT

This is a 15 minute intelligence and aptitude test consisting of 50 questions. There are three main sections: logic and math, verbal ability, and spatial reasoning. This test can be tricky for someone who has never seen it before because you have about 30 seconds to answer each question. You want to make sure that you don't waste time on any one answer. The CCAT is an easy tool for Crossover to use to compare you to others applying for the exact same position. They will get a standardized score, with your percentile, and the norms for others applying for the same position across the world. We recommend looking at a CCAT practice test to familiarize yourself with what to expect on the exam.

Practice for the CCAT with questions and answer explanations.

English Assessment

This will be a two minute audio recording in English. The purpose of this is to evaluate your communication skills. As all the positions are remote, it is important to be able to communicate effectively via video and audio. 

Subject Matter Expert Questions (SMQ)

This will be multiple choice assessments in the area of expertise that you are applying for. Many roles both technical and non-technical will face a HackerRank assessment. This assessment is NOT mandatory. HackerRank tests contain multiple choice questions and or coding questions depending on the role. The test can last anywhere from 40 minutes to three hours, with the average test lasting 60 minutes. HackerRank automatically grades the exam, so you should get your pass/fail response within one hour of taking the exam.

Free Response Questions (FRQ)

These will be project-based, on the job application, scenarios. This helps the employer see how you would respond in a tangible work situation. These questions showcase your problem-solving skills and how you think on your toes. 

  • 5Qs evaluation - Non-technical roles are evaluated through 5Qs or Five Questions. They are a set of scenario based questions which you are expected to use your skill and past experience to help you answer the questions. The questions may focus on management skills or can require you to create spreadsheets or reports to solve problems. 
  • Tech Trial - Technical roles will be tested through Tech Trial also known as Tech Trial for Close Friends. This is a coding challenge which will require you to develop and deliver on a technical project. It will give Crossover a glimpse into your daily work capability. When taking the test keep a good eye on; solution design, maintenance ability, and task automation. This test is to be completed within three days. Once you begin the task the clock will run and there will be no coming back. Within 2-5 days of completion you will be given feedback with your areas of strength and weakness.

Step 3: Interview

Those who excel on the five step testing process will be invited for an interview. You will be sent an email with a calendar and possible calendar openings. Only the best applications will make it to this point. You will be interviewed in English over skype. The hiring manager will get to know you better, and ask about past experiences. For a technical role you might encounter live coding. You will get feedback from the interview within one day.

Step 4: Pre-hire and Background Check

The hiring manager will look into your past employment and your general background check. They will also check your internet speed and computer. 

Step 5: Hiring Manager Interview

If you are applying for a specific job the hiring manager will call you and talk about the specific project or role you are interviewing for. If you both agree it is a good fit you will be hired!

Step 6: Job Offer or Invitation to Join the Crossover Marketplace

Your application will be reviewed and if you excelled in your interview you will either be sent a job offer to join Crossover immediately or invited to join the Crossover Marketplace. The Marketplace is a tool that hiring managers can use to choose applicants who have already been handpicked and passed Crossover's competitive screening process. This allows employers to cut short their own recruitment process and invite you straight away for an interview. If you excel in the interview you can potentially get a full time job.

Crossover Hiring Tournament

If you are applying for a technical role you might encounter a slightly different hiring process. You might take part in a "hiring tournament" or "hiring marathon." This is a day long tournament which streamlines the normal hiring process, which could take two weeks, and condenses it into a one day marathon. Those that excel on the Crossover Hiring Tournament will leave with a completely remote work from home opportunity with a minimum of $100,000 salary. Here is the list of some of the technical roles which have "hiring tournaments:"

How Can You Prepare in Advance for the Crossover Qualification Process?

Knowing is half the battle. Make sure you practice in advance for each part of the assessment process. Review a practice CCAT test, be prepared to answer technical and work related questions. Getting high paying remote work is not easy. You need to invest in making sure you are prepared so you can land this great opportunity.

Practice for Crossover Criteria Cognitive Test CCAT today.

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