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Free Practice Psychometric Tests

For most candidates applying for a job, a psychometric test will be one of the first obstacles you will need to pass. For employers, using a psychometric test is the easiest way for them to gain metrics in order to easily compare applicants. Most companies require a minimum score in order to go onto the later phases of the recruitment process. We have outlined for you the most comprehensive list of FREE aptitude tests on the market. We have included both general tests and those put out by assessment companies like SHL. Get a taste of what to expect on your upcoming psychometric test with these FREE sample aptitude test questions and study guides.

What Is a Psychometric Test?

A Psychometric Test is an assessment that is used to evaluate a potential candidate's performance. It gives the employer a glimpse into the candidate's skills, abilities, natural traits, personality, and job potential. Psychometric tests can be broken down into three categories; aptitude tests, behavioural tests, and assessment centres.

What Is an Aptitude Test?

An Aptitude Test gives an employer a look at your cognitive abilities. An employer might test your numerical, verbal, spatial, or cognitive skills. This will give them an idea if you will have an aptitude for the position.

What Is a Behavioral Test?

Behavioral Tests let your employer see if you have the right personality for the job. These tests can be broken down into two categories: personality tests and situational judgement tests. A personality test will evaluate if you have the character traits needed for the job. A situational judgment test  will give a candidate potential work related scenarios and see how they would respond.

What Is an Assessment Centre?

An Assessment Centre also known as an assessment day is a day long evaluation process. The assessment centre will usually take place at the employer or a separate location. The candidate will be given a combination of role play exercises, interviews, and psychological tests.

Free Aptitude Tests

Here is a comprehensive list of free practice aptitude tests. It includes sample questions, answers, and study guides.

Cognitive Ability TestNumerical Reasoning TestAbstract Reasoning Test
Verbal Reasoning TestInductive Reasoning TestSpatial Reasoning Test
Excel TestMechanical Reasoning TestCritical Thinking Test
Pilot TestNursing Test 

Free Behavioural Tests

Below are free sample personality tests and situational judgement tests. Check out the personality trait guide to see which personality traits are needed for which position.

Personality TestSituational Judgement Test

Free Assessment Centre

Ensure you know what to expect from the Assessment Centre day. This assessment day is a chance for you to show how you stand out from the competition.

Assessment CentreIn Tray Exercises

Free Assessment Company Tests

These are the top assessment tests given by the most popular assessment companies. If you know which test you are going to take, it is important to tailor your practice to that specific test.

SHL TestsWatson-GlaserCCAT
UKCATHudson TestEPSO Test
cut-e Test  

Free Test by Employers

Certain employers create their own aptitude tests. If you are applying to one of these companies look at these free tests made to mimic those the companies use.

Morgan Stanley TestMcKinsey Test

Why Should I Prepare?

The job market has become increasingly more competitive. Employers have wisened up that using psychometric testing can save them a lot of money in the long run. We are here to help. Before you break the bank, try these FREE aptitude test questions. The best way to excel is to come prepared. If you do poorly on your psychometric test, you will be immediately disqualified from the application process.

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