Amazon Maintenance Technician Ramsay Test

Amazon Maintenance Technician Test (Amazon Ramsay Test)

With the Coronavirus pandemic there have been many shifts in employment opportunities. As a result of stores closing Amazon has seen a huge spike in job opportunities. They are currently recruiting maintenance technicians for the following positions; control systems technician, RME technician, and facilities technician. In order to get an Amazon tech position you need to pass the Amazon Ramsay test and a series of behavioral interview questions. The Amazon assessment tests can be a huge hurdle for applicants and we want you to know what to expect.

What is an Amazon Maintenance Technician?

A maintenance technician or machine maintenance worker makes sure that machine maintenance is performed to a high standard, they make sure safety practices are maintained, and that preventative maintenance is done on the machines. As a maintenance technician you will be responsible for sending feedback to the line managers about breakdowns and improvements.

What Is the Hiring Process for an Amazon Maintenance Technician?

Step 1: Application

Apply for an open position of the Amazon Facilities, Maintenance, & Real Estate. Make sure your resume matches the position you are applying for. 

Step 2 (optional): Phone Screen

Before being invited to take the Amazon Ramsay Test you might get a call from a recruiter. When answering the call try to go to a quiet location and be prepared to answer some questions about yourself. 

Step 3: Amazon Mechanical Technician Assessment Test 

If you are deemed a match for the position you will be invited to take the Ramsay Mechanical Test (also known as the Amazon Tech Test 1, 2, or 3). 

Step 4: Interview

If you pass the Amazon Technician Test you will be invited for an interview. Expect to face technical and behavioral questions in the interview. 

Step 5: Job Offer

If you are deemed a good fit then you will be given a job offer. You might be required to undergo a background check and drug test. If all goes well you will start your orientation.

What Is the Amazon Ramsay Test?

The Ramsay Test for Amazon is a mechanical aptitude test also known as the Amazon Maintenance Technician Test 1, 2 and 3 . The Amazon Maintenance Tech Test 1 and 2 are given for those maintenance technician candidates who are above journey-level C this is the easiest level. The Amazon Maintenance Technician Test 1 or 2 have similar information and skill levels. The Maintenance Technician assessment 3 is the next level for those above Journey level B. Expect it to look similar to the other exams but the level of the questions will be a bit harder. The Amazon Technician Test is a multiple choice test that will be taken online in the comfort of your own home on Examity, Amazon’s testing platform. This exam is based on the topics from the Ramsay Mechanical Tests. The questions will cover the following topics; pulleys, levers, springs, tool knowledge, energy, motion, electrical sockets, voltage, and currents. The test is used to measure a candidate's aptitude for mechanical maintenance. To get more practice check out our Ramsay Mechanical Aptitude Test page.

Practice for your upcoming Ramsay Test for Amazon.

Amazon Ramsay Test Sample Question

Amazon Ramsay Test Sample Question
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  1. Position A
  2. Position B
  3. Position C
  4. Either B or C

Position B

When lifting an object vertically, you want to make sure the load will be shared equally. So you want to have the center of gravity placed equally between the two pick points under the pulley.

What Are Some Amazon Maintenance Technician Interview Questions?

What kind of mechanical equipment or maintenance facilities do you have experience with?

Try and do some research about the facility and machines that they have in the position that you are applying for. In this question the manager is looking to see if you have the needed experience and the potential to learn.

If you have a couple different machines break down at once, which machine repair would you address first?

This is a great question. The answer itself is less important than the explanation. The manager is looking to assess your time management and judgement skills. Make sure you walk them through your thought process.

How do you troubleshoot a problem with a piece of equipment?

This is the most cut and dry technical question. Remember to organize your answer clearly and use an example from your work or apprenticeship you feel comfortable with.

What type of repairs or maintenance do you enjoy doing?

This is a strength weakness question. Don’t be afraid to let your technical knowledge shine here. You can also mention a repair you had weakness with but worked on and improved.

What is an Amazon Maintenance Technician salary?

Amazon Maintenance Technicians have an hourly salary of $26.45 an hour. At this rate you can average a yearly salary of around $75k depending on the hours you put in.

How Can I Prepare for the Amazon Maintenance Technician Assessment Test?

Amazon has been flooded with applicants from those out of work. They also have an extremely competitive recruitment process. The Amazon Ramsay Mechanical test requires a lot of technical knowledge. We recommend taking a practice Amazon Maintenance Technician Test. This way you can see where your strengths and weaknesses lie and focus your attention on those areas. It is important to go in prepared. Unlike other pre-employment tests this exam requires studied technical knowledge. You will feel more confident if you go in knowing what to expect.

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