Korn Ferry Leadership Assessment

Korn Ferry Leadership Assessment

If you are interested in advancing your career into a managerial or executive position at a stable company you will most likely face one of Korn Ferry's Leadership Assessments. Korn Ferry is the global leader when it comes time to matching candidates into leadership positions. Many companies use Korn Ferry Assessments as they  have proven that they have the selection process down to an exact science. They place their focus on helping companies find candidates with the correct traits/disposition, experiences, and competencies. Make sure you know what to expect on the different Korn Ferry Assessments. We will provide you with an overview of the different Korn Ferry Leadership Assessments, and give you sample assessment questions and detailed answers. Let's take a closer look at the Korn Ferry Assessments.

What Are the Korn Ferry Leadership Assessments?

The Korn Ferry Tests are designed to show employers what your leadership style is. According to their rubric there are four leadership styles: task-focused, intellectual, participative, and social. There is no one correct leadership style, each company and role will require something different from their executives. There are three main Korn Ferry Assessments that you might face when applying for a leadership role.

Let's take a deeper look into each of the Korn Ferry Tests.

Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential - KFALP

The Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential also known as the KFALP is used to evaluate your leadership potential. The KFALP takes between 35-40 minutes to complete between 240-280 responses. The assessment focuses on the following areas; individual's Drivers, Experience, Awareness, Learning agility, Leadership traits, Capacity, and Derailment risks. Let's break down these seven leadership traits:

  1. Drivers: What are your motivations and what encourages you to become a leader?
  2. Experience: What past experience do you have that is relevant to the position you are applying for?
  3. Awareness: Are you self-aware? Do you know your own strengths and weaknesses?
  4. Learning agility: Can you use previous knowledge to improve future experiences?
  5. Leadership traits: Do you have character traits that are common to successful leaders?
  6. Capacity: What is your capacity for logic and reasoning?
  7. Derailment risks: What are traits that might prevent you from reaching your potential?

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Korn Ferry Four-Dimensional (KF4D) Executive Assessment

The Korn Ferry Four Dimensional Executive Assessment (KF4D-Exec) is an evaluation used to help companies select leaders for upper-level management and executive roles. The KF4D-Exec has two parts: the KF4D-Exec and a Psychometric- based assessment. The test focuses on four dimensions; competencies, experiences, traits, and drivers. The Psychometric Assessment evaluates a candidate's cognitive skills including; problem-solving, decision-making, math skills, strategic thinking, comprehension, and communication skills.

WHAT YOU DOCompetenciesExperiences

These are skills and behaviors needed for success in a position.

Example: Business insight or decision making skills

Assignments or past roles that prepare a candidate for future opportunities.

Example: Practical job experience
WHO YOU ARETraitsDrivers
Personality traits and intellectual ability.
These natural skills and tendencies
that shed light on your ability to complete the requirements
needed for the job.

Example: Confidence, risk taking, organization etc.

Values and motivation which guide a person's career path.

Example; Power, status, autonomy, challenge etc.

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Korn Ferry viaEdge

The Korn Ferry viaEdge is a self assessment taken online to be completed in about 30 minutes. The assessment is used for those applying for managerial positions and focuses on your learning agility. Companies are looking for leaders who can adapt to change, and have a good awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses.

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Free Korn Ferry Leadership Assessment Sample Test Questions

Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential Sample Test Question

As a new manager of your team, you rolled out a new work process that you believe is more efficient. Some members of your team approve of the change and some are more resistant. One of your team members shares their negative opinion with the director.

  1. What would you do in this situation?
  2. You want to avoid conflict, so you don't say anything.
  3. You reprimand your team member for voicing his opinion to the director. You don't address his disapproval and work even harder to promote your new initiative.
  4. You schedule a meeting with the team member to discuss their criticism and address the fact that they bypassed you and went straight to the director.
  5. You want to ensure that your team members trust you as a manager. So, you only implement some changes.
Answer + explanation

Choice 3. In this response you show you are an active manager. You address the breach in your authority and you show that you are open to discussing criticism and finding a way to improve the new process.

Free Sample Korn Ferry Leadership Assessment KF4D Sample Question

Free Sample Korn Ferry Leadership Assessment KF4D Sample Question
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Which Companies Use the Korn Ferry Assessments?

A large number of international employers use the Korn Ferry Assessments. The Korn Ferry Leadership Assessments are often used for executive, managerial, and CEO positions. They are used by a number of large companies including; RBS, Virgin Atlantic, Betfair, Coty, Ford, AstraZeneca, Lloyds Bank, and Royal Mail.

How Are the Korn Ferry Assessments Scored?

The Korn Ferry Assessments are scored based on 'norms' for the role you are applying for. You will be given a position on a scale, allowing employers to see how you scored compared to those applying for the same position. If you are given a green score, this means you scored higher than 50% of the applicants. Employers will be given a detailed report on how you scored in each of the target areas. They will also get a second score report called a 'talent grid.' This makes it even easier for the employer to analyze your talents and see if you are right for the job.

Why Should I Prepare?

If an employer is investing in a detailed data driven report analyzing your potential you know that they mean business. Companies are investing in a detailed assessment process because they are looking for a return on investment. They don't want to cast someone in a role that is not right for them. There is no denying the Korn Ferry Leadership assessment is a comprehensive and challenging evaluation. If you want to land that coveted executive role you better prepare in advance. The best way to prepare is to know what to expect. Take a look at these Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential sample questions and study guides.

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