Free Practice Aptitude Tests

Free Practice Aptitude Tests

Have you been asked to take an aptitude test for a job interview and you are not quite sure what to expect? We are here to walk you through the ins and outs of aptitude tests for jobs. It is becoming increasingly more common for employers to use aptitude tests during the selection process. Using an aptitude test allows employers to gain clear comparable insight of their applicants. Most employers include an online aptitude test as an early part of the selection process. As a result, if you don't excel on the test you won't be asked to continue on for an interview. You want to make sure you get the opportunity for the employer to see YOU as more than just a statistic. We have included for you an extensive list of FREE aptitude test sample questions and answers, PDF study guides and online tests.

What Is an Aptitude Test?

An Aptitude Test is a tool used to measure your cognitive skills and your ability to learn new information. Aptitude tests are used as a screening tool by employers as a way to easily compare and disqualify candidates for an open job position. Depending on what job you are applying for you might face any of the following aptitude tests: Numerical Reasoning Test, Verbal Reasoning Test, Abstract Reasoning Test, Mechanical Aptitude Test, Inductive Reasoning Test, or a Cognitive Ability Test.

FREE Sample Aptitude Tests

Here is a comprehensive list of free online aptitude tests. These aptitude test samples mimic the way you will actually take the exam. Most aptitude tests are multiple choice tests given online with a time constraint. 

Free Cognitive Ability TestFree Numerical Reasoning TestFree Abstract Reasoning Test
Free Verbal Reasoning TestFree Inductive ReasoningFree Mechanical Reasoning

Free Cognitive Ability Test

A cognitive ability test is used to evaluate your general intelligence. They are usually multiple choice tests that have a verbal, numerical, abstract and logical portion. A higher score on this test might let your employer know that you have had more formal education, while a lower score might tell them you need more detailed instruction when learning a new task. We have included FREE practice materials for the most common cognitive ability tests.

Free Cubiks Logiks TestFree Thomas Int. GIAFree PI CA (PLI) Test
Free Revelian RCATFree Criteria CCATFree Hogan HBRI
Free McQuaig MMATFree Wonderlic Personnel 

FREE Cognitive Ability Test Sample Questions and Answers.

Free Numerical Reasoning Test

Numerical Reasoning Tests are used to measure your knowledge on a range of numerical subjects including; data interpretation, analysing finances, percentages, ratios, currency conversion and more. There is a wide range of numerical reasoning tests given out by the top providers including; Talent Q, Revelian, and SHL. If you know which test you are taking, try and gear your practice towards that specific test. Here is a list of the different Numerical Reasoning tests put out by the assessment companies:

SHL Numerical ReasoningTalent Q Elements Numerical TestAmazon Aptitude Test
Cut-eSaville Swift Analysis AptitudeDeloitte Numerical Reasoning Test
Utopia Numerical Reasoning TestKenexa Numerical Reasoning Test 

FREE Numerical Reasoning Sample Test Questions and Answers.

Free Abstract Reasoning Test

An abstract reasoning test, also known as a conceptual reasoning test, is a non-verbal test which requires the candidate to analyse a set of shapes and images and analyse the information. The test measures a candidates ability to identify logical rules, patterns, and ability to understand data trends. It gives the employer a glimpse of your fluid intelligence and how you strategically think.

FREE Abstract Reasoning Sample Test Questions and Answers.

Free Verbal Reasoning Test

Verbal Reasoning Tests are one of the more common aptitude tests. They give the employer a glimpse of how a candidate analyses and interprets written information. There are five major types of verbal test questions; verbal critical reasoning, reading comprehension, grammar and spelling, vocabulary, and word analogy. Here are examples of Verbal Reasoning Tests put out by the different companies.

SHL Verbal ReasoningCubiks Verbal ReasoningRevelian Verbal Reasoning
Cut-e Verbal ReasoningTrue, False, Cannot Say 

FREE Verbal Reasoning Sample Test Questions and Answers.

Free Inductive Reasoning Test

Inductive Reasoning Tests are used to measure a candidate's general knowledge and creativity. You will be presented with a diagram matrix and asked to identify patterns within a limited amount of time. For most candidates they are not used to answering these types of questions and may feel stressed under the time limit.

FREE Inductive Reasoning Sample Test Questions and Answers.

Free Mechanical Reasoning Test

Mechanical Reasoning Tests are used to evaluate a candidate's knowledge and understanding of mechanical concepts. The test covers knowledge of the following mechanical concepts; work and power, acceleration, gravity, friction, kinetic and potential energy, and pressure. Candidates should be prepared to answer these mechanical questions in about 30 seconds per question. The Mechanical Reasoning Test is mostly used for those applying for jobs in the following fields; maintenance, field operations, mechanics, operations and repairs.

FREE Mechanical Reasoning Sample Test Questions and Answers.

FREE Cognitive Ability Test Sample Question and Answer - From the Cubiks General Intermediate Diagnostic Test

Only some vegetables are red.
Only some tomatoes are orange.

  1. All tomatoes are vegetables
  2. Some vegetables are orange
  3. Some tomatoes are red
  4. None of the above
Answer + explanation


(A) is incorrect because though only some vegetables are red, no information is provided about whether any vegetables are orange.

(B) is incorrect because though only some vegetables are red, no information is provided about whether any vegetables are orange.

(C) is incorrect because though only some tomatoes are orange, no information is provided about whether any tomatoes are red.

Therefore, the correct answer is (D).

FREE Abstract Reasoning Test Sample Question

Find the missing image:

FREE Abstract Reasoning Test Sample Question
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Answer + explanation
FREE Abstract Reasoning Test Sample Question

There are two main areas to focus on in this question: the number of lines, and the shading. First, take a look at the lines. In each consecutive picture, an additional line is drawn from one corner of the pentagon to the corner across from it. It is easier to keep track of this if you label each corner of the pentagon.

  • The first line is drawn from corner one to corner three.
  • The next line is drawn from corner two to corner four.
  • The next line from corner three to corner five.
  • The final line is drawn from corner four to corner one.

As a result, the missing shape is the one with the line drawn from corner five, creating the star inside the pentagon.

FREE Numerical Reasoning Test Sample Questions and Answer

Pete ran the route between the Library and school at a speed of 6 mph and a total time of 50 minutes. George drove his car on the same route at a speed of 30 mph.

How long did it take George to complete the distance? (in minutes)

  1. 150
  2. 200
  3. 20
  4. 10
  5. 125
  6. None of These
Answer + explanation


We see that George is 5 times faster than Pete 30/6 = 5

You can divide Pete's time by 5 to find George's time:

50/5 = 10 minutes

FREE Inductive Reasoning Sample Questions and Answer

FREE Inductive Reasoning Sample Questions and Answer
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Answer + explanation


In every row and in every column, there is only one shape which appears twice.

Let's take a look at the  2nd row from the top, we see that it contains a shape that appears twice; the right pointing arrow. So, we need to look for a shape that would complete this row with a shape that hasn't appeared already, e.g. a triangle, or a pentagon. This eliminates options A, B, and C as the answer.

Next, if we look at the first row, we notice that none of the shapes appears twice. So, the correct answer must either have one of the shapes that already appears in this row (triangle, a diamond, or an arrow pointing left), or it must have two identical shapes that don't yet appear in this row. E does not meet these requirements. This leaves us only with option D.

Why Should You Prepare?

In order to even qualify for an interview a candidate must score in the top 20% on their aptitude test. If you score in the top 5% you will have a high likelihood of being given a job offer. It is important to understand that companies save your test results. So if you reapply for a different position they will still see your previous results. Therefore, it is crucial that you prepare in advance with aptitude test practice materials.

How Should I Prepare?

The best way to prepare is to find out in advance which assessment company your employer uses and the name of the test. If you are not sure which test your company gives take a look at this list of different tests given by top employers and try to match your company and position. Try and find practice materials that mimic your EXACT test. Below is a list of some of the most popular test providers and a list of their tests:

SHLKenexaPearson TalentLens
SavilleTalent QCubiks
RevelianThomas InternationalPsytech

Take a look at this FREE Aptitude Test to get a taste of what to expect!

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